Debate Teaser



Here’s our teaser for the upcoming debate
“Does capitalism require a state” –

Jimmy Wood (no)
Zisaan Malik (yes)




So unless you were able to watch it live you’ll be unable to listen to 2/3 of our first round of debate with Zisaan Malik.
We will be uploading the audio that YT decided it would upload this afternoon.

The discussion was a wide open debate on property in a Hoppean vs Individualist format.
It was a great conversation which will serve as a teaser for round 2, “Does capitalism require a state” with Zisaan taking the affirmative position and Jimmy Wood of Radcapradio taking the negative position.

We should be recording off air this weekend so this content will hit your news feed by Wednesday next week.

Thank you for listening to Radcapradio.
We apologize to Zisaan and our listeners for this error.

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